Architectural Control
  • chevron_rightAre outdoor rain barrels allowed?
    YES !! Outdoor rain barrles are allowed.

    Get “Legal” Outdoor Water from Rain Barrels!
    It’s not a new idea: rain barrels! We’re hearing a lot about them lately due to the drought conditions we are experiencing. For generations rainwater has been collected as a way to water gardens and accommodate other household necessities. By collecting rain water, rain barrels also help reduce erosion and storm water runoff and increase water quality. If you prefer to purchase a rain barrel, you might want to check out these websites:
    Vickery Hardware on Concord Road is a local source for rainbarrels:
    881 Concord Rd SE
    Smyrna, GA 30080
    (770) 435-4567
  • chevron_rightHow do I get my mailbox repaired or replaced?
    1) Our mailbox set, which is a modified specification, can be obtained at:
         Global Home Products
         The mail type of set for the community is called “MB-500
    2) The original specification mailbox set can be obtained at:
         Mailbox Makeovers
         (404) 419-6236
    The mail type of set for the community is called “The PROVINCIAL”.
    3) They both said that they cannot guarantee that the mailbox will still be obtainable but the original spec is popular and has been available for at least 5 years.
    4) Known issues with our steel mailboxes:
    • Rust – at the hinges and screw holes.
    • Very thin and therefore dents and bends easily
    • The flag and closing clip are plastic and either break or fall off easily
    • The plastic numbers fade and sometimes fall off since they are glued on.
    • The paint on the mailbox fades.
    5) Warranty and Repair Work on existing mailboxes:
    Since Global Home Product installed our mailboxes, they will perform maintenance and do have some replacement parts. Just remember that the mailbox and post is sold as a SET. They typically don’t sell just the post or just the mailbox. You could always ask though sometimes they have some leftovers.
    6) Warranty and Repair Work from Mailbox Makeovers:
    They do not do warranty or repair work on mailboxes they did not install. Of course, they will do warranty work on the ones they install. They do not typically do maintenance and repairs unless they installed the whole community. The mailbox and post is sold as a SET.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the ACC approved deck/fence stains?
    Owners may use clear sealants on their decks without Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval. Additionally, stains that are on the List of Pre-approved Deck Stains may also be used without ACC approval.  Any other selections require require the submission of a ACC Form.
    What if I want to use a stain not on the List of Pre-approved Deck Stains?
    Any stains not on the List require ACC approval. The ACC will typically approve transparent stains, also known as wood toners. The ACC will not approve semi-transparent stains and solid color stains.
    List of Pre-approved Deck Stains:
      Olympic stains (available at Lowes)
    • Waterguard Wood Clear, 51794
    • Maximum Clear, 56500
    • Maximum Toner, 56502 Honey Gold
    • Maximum Toner, 56503 Cedar Naturaltone
    • Maximum Toner, 56504 Redwood Naturaltone
    • Wood Protector Clear, 79070
    • Wood Protector Toner, 79111 Cedar Naturaltone
    • Wood Protector Toner, 79113 Honey Gold
      Behr stains (available at Home Depot)
    • Water Proofing Wood Protector, 300 Natural Clear
    • Waterproofing Wood Finish, 400 Natural Clear
    • Waterproofing Wood Finish, 401 Cedartone
    • Waterproofing Wood Finish, 402 Redtone
    • Waterproofing Wood Finish, 403 Browntone
    • Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, 500 Natural Clear
    • Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, 501 Natural Cedar
    • Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, 502 Redwood
    • Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, WP-545 Natural Sequoia
    • Weatherproofing Wood Sealer & Finish, WP-546 Golden Honey
    NOTE:  The ACC strives to keep the list current and will review it at least annually but can make no guarantees with regard to availblity from the retailer or the manufacturer.
HOA Dues
  • chevron_rightHow may I pay my assessment?
    Payments may be paid by using the payment coupons that owners will receive each new year. Make checks payable to Lakefield Manor HOA.
    Payments are mailed to the property management company.
    Mail payments to:
    All-In-One Community Management,Inc.
    5200 Dallas Hwy
    Suite 200, PMB #266
    Powder Springs GA 30127
    Additionally, payments may be submitted online using the All-in-One Community Management web site.
  • chevron_rightHow much is the annual assessment?
    For the 2011 fiscal year, the annual assessment is $700.
  • chevron_rightI'm a new homeowner. How do I get a payment coupon booklet?
    Typically HOA dues are included during the closing of the house sale. But new homeowners should contact the All-In-One Community Manager to establish the initial payment of dues and to acquire payment coupons.
  • chevron_rightWhat is the late payment fee?
    Any assessment, or installment thereof, not paid within 30 days after the Due Date shall accrue a late charge on the 16th day of each month in the amount of $12.50. A late fee and cost of collection fee shall only be imposed once for the same delinquent period. Complete assessment collection procedures may be found in the Rules & Resolutions section of this web site, specifically the Assessment Collection Procedures page.
Lot Inspections
  • chevron_rightWhat are the specific items being checked?
    The property is being reviewed for appearance, cleanliness, and overall condition.
    The exterior home inspection includes the following items:
    • Gutters: cleanliness, debris, and if any repairs are required
    • Siding: condition and if power washing is required
    • Exterior Wood: any wood rot that needs replacing
    • Landscaping: missing or dead shrubs
    • Shrubs & Beds: trimming, weeds, repairs to edging material, defined edges
    • Trees: pruning, and removal of any dead trees/stumps
    • Lawn: maintenance of grass, to include establishing and/or applying weed control and regular mowing
    • Paint: overall condition of painted surfaces including windows and trim, shutters, doors, and corner trim
    • Doors: condition and replacement if necessary
    • Fence: condition, replace missing/warped boards, repair gate
    • Decks: repair spindles, repair staircase, power wash, ensure correct color
    • Rear Yard: cleanliness and condition (if visible from street or reported by homeowner)
    • Roof: repairs or replacement
    • Satellite: removed unapproved dish or conceal cabling
    • House Numbers: replace any missing numbers
    • Leadwalks: repair cracks, replace trip hazards
  • chevron_rightWhat happens if I receive a violation notice?
    The procedures governing Lot Inspection Violations is described under the Upkeep of Residential Lots sections of the Rules/Regulations page.
  • chevron_rightWhen is my lot inspected?
    On an monthly basis, typically the last Friday of the month, the property management company will inspect the exterior of residential properties to ensure that they comply with the original design guidelines and any regulations
    that the Board has approved. Residents may find it useful to know what is inspected to ensure that their properties are within accepted guidelines.